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 Exten Medical: supplies of medical devices for interventional cardiology, radiology, cardiac surgery and related products.

 Exten Medical represents the following leading manufacturing companies on the territory of Russia:

  • «Abbott Vascular», USA - products and devices for angioplasty and stenting, including Xience V drug eluting stent system.
  • «ELLA CS», Czech Republic - aortic stentgrafts.
  • «Balt Extrusion», France - range of micro-catheters, micro-guidewires and unique devices designed for treatment of intra-cerebral vascular pathologies.
  • «Maquet», Germany - products and devices for open heart surgery, as well as Endoscopic Vessel Harvesting - a procedure used during Coronary Bypass surgery.
  • «Molnlycke Health Care», Sweden - single-use surgical gowns, staff clothing, single-use medical devices and wound care products.
  • «Medical Development & Technology BV» (MDT), the Netherlands - Xray protection clothing.

Exten Medical is a subsidiary of Technoproject Ltd.

Technoproject is one of the leading companies supplying single-use products and devices for vascular treatment and cardiac surgery since 1998 to the medical institutions all over Russia. Technoproject is very well presented in major hospitals of St-Petersburg, Moscow, the Urals, Siberia, South Russia and the Far East. 

Along with its commercial and sales activities, Technoproject's subsidiary, Exten Medical, organizes professional development courses for interventional and cardiac surgeons in the leading clinics of St-Petersburg, Moscow, and Novosibirsk (as well as in medical centers throughout Europe and U.S.). The company organizes medical conferences designed to introduce practitioners to new developments in medicine. The company widely participates in the regional and international conferences of different medical specializations.

Exten Medical also provides services to enable patients to access treatment in the highly reputable clinics of St-Petersburg, Moscow and other cities of Russia, where procedures are performed by leading specialists in the fields of angioplasty and stenting.

Already a leading partner with Russian clinics and hospitals in the treatment of heart and vessel diseases, Exten Medical aims to strengthen these ties with the provision of high quality products and devices at competitive prices, as well as the facilitation and promotion of professional development to practitioners (encouraging the introduction of new and progressive treatments), and patients' referring service for clinics specializing in the treatment of heart and/or vessel diseases.

Our contacts:

Mayakovskaya str. 22 office 3
tel: (812) 272-97-87,  275-82-33,
fax:   (812) 272-17-20
e-mail: office@exten.ru


Krasnobogatyrskaya str. 89 bld.1
tel:   (495) 646 27 46
e-mail: office@extenmedical.ru

Nizhni Novgorod: (905) 661-13-45

Novosibirsk: (383) 218-83-52


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